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The process of exploring and practicing new ways of expression is what keeps Terrence Gasca passionate about art. In his paintings and illustrations, he presents a variety of subjects, but his greatest interest lies in capturing the “everyday” people, objects, and motion found in city settings. In these paintings, his unique use of color, light, texture, and composition heightens the viewer's perception of the subtle and often overlooked beauty inherent in urban scenes.

Terrence's works are available by commission and in galleries around the United States. He can be reached by email at terrence@terrencegasca.com

Visit his Facebook page at Paintings by Terrence Gasca

For a better look into his current artistic process (from sketches and studies to more finished works), follow him on Instagram - Terrence Gasca

Flat track racer, inspired for the recent 1MotoShow...
Oil on Canvas
20" x 38"
I can't breathe.
Oil on Canvas
33" x 53"
'Free Candy' on the See See Econoline.
Oil on Cradled Panel
24" x 30"
White Horse
Oil on Panel - Framed
18" x 16"
... a menu item at Spints Alehouse, check it out!
Oil on Panel
10" x 8.5"
20" x 16"
11" x 14"
Voo Doo trifecta
10" x 10"